Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera
Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera
Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera
Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera
Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera
Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera
Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera Default Title

Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera

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Unleash Secure Wireless Solar Power Security Surveillance

Protect your home with the AIDOCAM X12 Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera. With 1080P full HD video, motion detection, and night vision, it keeps you informed of any activity. Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity, two-way audio, and smartphone notifications. This camera is 100% wire-free and waterproof, powered by solar energy for uninterrupted monitoring. Get peace of mind with this advanced surveillance solution. 

Why Choose the AIDOCAM X12 Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera?
Discover why the AIDOCAM X12 Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera is the ultimate choice for protecting your home?

Why Choose the AIDOCAM X12 Smart Solar Security Surveillance Camera:

Features AIDOCAM X12 Solar Security Camera Standard Security Camera
Advanced Video Quality 2K HD Resolution & Night Vision 1080p HD or Lower Resolution
Wireless Convenience Wireless Solar-Powered Operation Wired or Battery-Powered
Motion Detection Smart AI Motion Detection Basic Motion Detection
Night Vision Upgraded Infrared Night Vision Standard Infrared Night Vision
Smartphone Notifications Real-Time Smartphone Alerts Basic Alerts
Live View Immediate Live Surveillance Delayed or Limited Live View
Two-Way Audio Built-In Two-Way Audio Basic Audio Features
IP54 Water Resistance IP54 Weather Resistance Basic Weather Resistance
Solar Power Supply & Energy Savings Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Operation Standard Power Sources
Certified with CE, FCC and RoHS Certified for Safety and Quality Standard Certification


    •  Advanced Video Quality: Experience exceptional video clarity with the upgraded 2K HD resolution, providing a clearer picture for day and night monitoring. Enjoy a bright spotlight for up to 10m/33ft of infrared night vision and a 155° wide-angle lens for a panoramic view of many areas around your property. Control everything through the app.
    •  Wireless Convenience: Simply connect this solar security camera outdoors to the included solar panel for wireless, green energy-powered operation. No frequent battery changes or charging required with two built-in 18650 batteries. Install it anywhere within minutes with no cables or drilling. Enjoy a stable Wi-Fi connection and choose between SD card or cloud storage. 
    •  Motion Detection: The smart AI motion detection feature distinguishes between people/pets/vehicles using advanced algorithms. Get smartphone notifications, activate alarms, and flashes to effectively deter thieves. Share the system with the rest of the family for comprehensive home and property protection. 
    •  Night Vision: Experience clear visibility in low-light conditions with the upgraded infrared night vision. Monitor your property day or night with detailed surveillance footage. The camera's stability, robust Wi-Fi connection, and storage options ensure reliable performance and protect your privacy. 
    •  Smartphone Notifications: Stay connected and in control with real-time notifications delivered to your smartphone. Receive alerts for motion detection, alarms, and flashes. Enjoy secure data encryption and privacy protection with SD card or cloud storage options. 
    •  Live View: Gain immediate access to a live view of your camera's surroundings through the app. Monitor your property in real-time, choose the best surveillance location, and enjoy continuous surveillance and peace of mind. 
    •  Two-Way Audio: Engage in real-time communication or deter intruders with the built-in two-way audio feature (8 Ω 1 w). Conveniently listen and speak through the camera for effective surveillance and interaction with visitors. 
    •  IP54 Water Resistance: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the camera is IP54 water-resistant for reliable performance in wet and dry environments. Trust its weatherproof design for optimal surveillance in challenging outdoor conditions. 
    •  Solar Power Supply & Save on Electricity Bills: Harness the power of solar energy for uninterrupted operation. Connect the camera to the included solar panel for eco-friendly, cost-effective monitoring. Enjoy the benefits of a wireless, solar-powered system with easy installation and placement, while saving on energy bills all year round.
    •  Certified with CE, FCC and RoHS: Meets the standards of these certifications, ensuring its safety, quality, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
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    Brand Name: AIDOCAM

    Model Number: X12

    Clarity: 1080P

    Supported Mobile Systems: IOS, Android

    Connectivity: 2.4G

    Sensor Size: 1/2.7"

    Sensor: CMOS

    Technology: Infrared

    Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

    Smart home platform: Other

    Processor: HiSilicon Hi3518EV300

    CCD: 1/2.7 inch 1080p scan CMOS sensor

    Lens/visual Angle: 2.6mm @F2.0/155°

    LED: six 850 - nm high power infrared lamp, night vision 10 meters

    Wireless Network: 802.11b/g/n

    Power: Built-in two 18650 batteries

    Solar Power: Support external solar power (TYPE-C interface), regulated 5V / 3W output (optional)

    Power consumption: Standby current 120uA working current 170MA

    Waterproof: IP54

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