Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp Default Title
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp
Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp

Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp

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Illuminate Your Space to Productivity and Protect Your Eyes with Smart Ergonomic Design

Discover the BASEUS Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp – an ergonomic lamp designed to enhance productivity and protect your eyes. Its asymmetric light source, full spectrum color rendering, and touch control offer ultimate comfort. Reduce eye fatigue and enjoy true colors in your workspace. The double illumination brightens your work area, while the USB power ensures convenience. Experience optimal lighting with a bi-directional rotating light tube  and steady triangular support. in a fast heat dissipating frosted aluminum alloy design. Experience optimum eye-comfort and boost productivity for your study, work, or leisure with this innovative and ergonomically designed lamp.

    Note: Suitable for 5mm-40mm thick flat panel monitor and curved computer monitor within the curvature of 1000R-1800R.

    Why Choose Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp?

    Illuminate your workspace with the BASEUS Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality designed to boost productivity and protect your eyes. This innovative lamp features an asymmetric light source, full-spectrum color rendering, and convenient touch controls to provide ultimate comfort. Say goodbye to eye strain and enjoy accurate colors in your work environment. With dual illumination, USB power, and a bi-directional rotating light tube, this lamp offers the ideal lighting solution for your study, work, or leisure activities. Invest in a lamp that prioritizes your eye health and enhances your overall productivity.

    Features Smart Adjustable Ergonomic Screen Lamp Other Lamps
    Asymmetric Light Source Yes No
    Full Spectrum Color Rendering Yes No
    Double Illumination Yes No
    Blue Light Reduction Yes No
    Touch Control Brightness & Color Temperature Adjustment Yes No
    Bi-Directional Rotating Light Tube Yes No
    Fast Heat-Dissipating Frosted Aluminum Alloy Yes No
    Steady & Secure Triangular Support Yes No




    •  Ergonomic Design for Eye Health: This smart lamp is designed with an asymmetric light source to minimize eye strain and discomfort caused by traditional uniform lighting. The innovative design ensures the light illuminates your workspace rather than the screen, reducing glare and reflections that can lead to eyestrain and fatigue. 
    •  Full Spectrum Color Rendering: Experience colors as they truly are with the Baseus Smart Lamp. The lamp boasts a color rendering index (CRI) above 95 Ra, ensuring exceptional color accuracy and vividness. With this high CRI, the lamp effectively restores original colors, allowing you to appreciate artwork, photos, and videos with natural hues. Enjoy an unparalleled visual experience with true-to-life colors that bring clarity and vibrancy to your workspace.
    •  Double Illumination: Brighten up your work area with 80 embedded high-power LED emitters. The double illumination not only enhances your productivity but also protects your eyesight. The focused light illuminates your workspace, ensuring you can work comfortably without straining your eyes. Whether you're working late in the office, studying in your dorm, or enjoying entertainment, this lamp creates a well-lit environment that promotes focus and efficiency.
    •  No Visible Stroboflash - Blue Light Reduction: The Baseus Smart Lamp has undergone light industry testing and is approved to effectively reduce blue light emissions. With a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, the lamp promotes eye health and protection by minimizing blue light exposure, which can lead to eye discomfort and disrupt sleep patterns. Enjoy a more comfortable and eye-friendly lighting experience with this lamp.
    •  Touch Control Brightness & Color Temperature Adjustment: Say goodbye to complicated buttons and switches. This lamp features a user-friendly touch control panel that allows you to easily adjust the brightness and color temperature. With short and long presses, switch between three preset brightness levels and color temperatures.
    •  Add a Whole "Vibe": Enhance your workspace with the built-in backlight feature. This backlight adds a delightful "mood" to your work, study, or relaxation sessions. Immerse yourself in a pleasant and captivating ambiance that boosts creativity and focus. The soothing backlight complements your environment and creates a pleasant atmosphere, making your work or study sessions more enjoyable.
    •  Bi-Directional Rotating Light Tube: The lamp offers ultimate flexibility with its bi-directional rotating light tube. You can adjust the angle from 0° to 35° forward and backward, allowing you to find the perfect lighting position that suits your desktop arrangement and personal preference. The customizable lighting angle ensures that you can work comfortably without any glare or shadows.
    •  Fast Heat-Dissipating Frosted Aluminum Alloy: The lamp is equipped with a high-quality frosted aluminum alloy body that offers incredible heat dissipation performance. This advanced feature ensures efficient cooling, preventing the lamp from overheating even during prolonged use. Work with peace of mind, knowing that the lamp remains cool and safe, while maintaining optimal lighting conditions for enhanced productivity and eye comfort.
    •  Steady & Secure Triangular Support: Experience hassle-free installation and rock-solid stability with the pyramid gravity support holder. This innovative design uses a damping knob shaft bracket, which offers up to a 210° rotating angle, providing easy adjustment and positioning. The unshakable pyramid structure ensures that the lamp remains steady and secure, whether you have a flat panel or curved computer monitor.
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    Brand Name: BASEUS

    Model: i-Wok-2-youth

    Certification: RoHS, FCC, CE

    Is Bulbs Included: Yes

    Shade Type: Shadeless

    Voltage: 5V

    Plug Type: EU

    Model Number: Desk Lamp

    Features: Reading Light

    Item Type: Desk Lamps

    Is Dimmable: Yes

    Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch

    Material: Alloy

    Style: Modern Style

    Light Source: LED Bulbs

    Power Source: DC

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