Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder
Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder
Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder
Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder
Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder
Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder
Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder

Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder

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Premium Grinding Quality with Powerhouse Precision in Every Coffee Grind!

Transform your coffee experience with the Wacaco Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder, a compact powerhouse standing at just 5.6 inches (14.3cm). Precision-cut 1.5-inch (38mm) stainless-steel burrs deliver a premium grind for espresso, pour-over, and cold-brew. Effortless grinding is ensured by a space-saving handle and an aluminum unibody frame with minimal clearance. Its 60-click adjustment range guarantees the perfect grind size, and the silicone-sleeved body ensures a comfortable grip. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast at home or on the go, the Exagrind offers durability, high quality, and budget-friendly excellence.

Why Choose the Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder?

Choose the Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder for premium grinding quality, unparalleled precision, effortless grinding, and a robust build. With its compact design, 1.5-inch (38mm) stainless-steel burrs, and versatile brewing options, it outshines competitors. Its aluminum unibody frame and internal structure are machine-milled with a very low tolerance for a perfect burrs alignment and minimal clearance. As a result, the grind has an impressive uniformity for a well-balanced coffee flavor. Mounted on a stainless-steel center shaft with dual bearings, the handle rotation produces minimum friction for a smooth and easy grinding experience even at the finest espresso setting. Elevate your coffee ritual with consistent perfection, whether you're at home or on a coffee adventure. The Exagrind sets the standard for manual coffee grinders.

Why Choose the Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder: 

Features Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder Standard Manual Grinders
Burr Size 38mm stainless steel Varies
Adjustment Range 60 clicks, 33 microns Limited
Construction Aluminum unibody Plastic/Metal mix
Handle Rotation Friction Dual-bearing smooth Standard
Space-Saving Design Yes Not Always
Compatible with Wacaco Machines Yes Not Always




  • Bold Grinding Power: The Exagrind Portable Manual Coffee Grinder boasts precision-cut 1.5-inch stainless-steel burrs, ensuring a bold and consistent grind for an unparalleled coffee experience. From fine espresso to coarser grinds for pour-over or cold brew, each rotation delivers perfection.
  • Micro-Adjustment Mastery: With an impressive 60-click adjustment range and 33-micron spacing per click, this manual grinder provides meticulous control over grind size. Tailor your coffee to perfection for various brewing methods, ensuring every cup meets your exacting standards.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted with a machine-milled aluminum unibody frame, the Exagrind guarantees durability and minimal burr misalignment. The high-precision construction ensures consistent grinding, maintaining the integrity of your coffee beans for a well-balanced and flavorful cup.
  • Smooth Grinding Experience: The stainless-steel center shaft, equipped with dual bearings, minimizes friction during handle rotation. This feature allows for a remarkably smooth and easy grinding experience, even when set to the finest espresso grind, ensuring every cup is a pleasure to prepare.
  • On-the-Go Convenience: The Exagrind's space-saving handle placement makes it an ideal companion for coffee enthusiasts on the move. Whether you're traveling, camping, or simply shifting from kitchen to office, its portable design ensures you can enjoy freshly ground coffee wherever you go.
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Brand Name: Wacaco

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Aluminum

Feature: Portable

Weight: 464g (1.02 lbs)

Dimension: 143x53x67mm (5.6x2.1x2.6 inches)

Burr: 38mm (1.5 inch), Stainless steel 420

Clicks per turn: 30

Adjustment per click: 33 microns

Loading capacity: 20g max

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