eufy Security SmartTrack Link Black
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link
eufy Security SmartTrack Link

eufy Security SmartTrack Link

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Never Lose Anything Again!

eufy Security SmartTrack Link is a game-changer for forgetfulness! This innovative Bluetooth tracker pairs with Apple's Find My app, enabling you to locate keys, bags, and more worldwide. Get left-behind alerts and find your phone even in silent mode. The secure QR code link lets finders contact you discreetly. With water resistance and a replaceable battery, it's reliable and long-lasting.





  • Works with Apple Find My: Just use the pre-installed Find My app and add SmartTrack Link to the Items tab. You can then locate it anywhere in the world using Apple's network of millions of devices.
  • Find Your Phone in Silent Mode: Avoid tearing up your apartment searching for your phone. With just a double tap, your phone rings—even in silent mode.
  • Free Left-Behind Alerts: Avoid losing your belongings in the first place with instant left-behind alerts via the eufy Security app—with no added fee. 
  • Always Linked to Your Item: If something's lost, you're always connected via Link's QR code. Safely recover lost items by sharing only necessary contact information through the secure QR code link, providing finders an easy and discreet way to reach you without compromising your privacy.
  • Safety First for Your Small Children: The eufy SmartTrack offers peace of mind for parents. With a loud alarm that keeps you informed of your child's whereabouts, you can ensure their safety in busy environments. Attach the Smart Tracker to your child's bag or clothing, and receive instant alerts on your phone if they wander too far. Enjoy the freedom of knowing your little one is within reach, and safeguard their well-being with this reliable tracking solution.
  • Share with Friends and Family: With the eufy Security app you can let others know the location of your items too. Effortlessly share item locations with friends and family using the eufy Security app, ensuring everyone is on the same page and helping each other stay organized, making tracking your belongings a seamless experience for all.
  • Loud and Unmissable Alarm Sound: Never worry about losing your SmartTrack Link, as its ear-piercing alarm can be heard even if it's covered or tucked away in the next room, alerting you promptly when needed most.
  • Water Resistant with a Replaceable CR2032 Battery: Link is safe—even if it's left in the rain—with its water-resistant coating. And it comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to a year.
  • Built-In Privacy and Encryption: Your privacy is a priority. Feel confident in the protection of your personal data.Your location and data are anonymous and encrypted to everyone but you.
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Brand Name: eufy

Model Number: T87B0

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