Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy
Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy White

Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy

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Unleash Your Cat's Playful Spirit!

Get ready to witness the pure joy and excitement as your cat plays and explores with this intelligent Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy! With 3 working modes, USB charging, and multi-angle adjustment, this interactive automatic toy keeps your cat entertained. Experience increased interaction and hands-free play. Perfect for indoor use, it offers endless fun for your playful pet. Remember, a stimulated and engaged cat is a happy cat. Our Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy combines entertainment and exercise, providing your feline companion with a dynamic and interactive experience. Bring joy to your furry friend's life today!

Why Choose the Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy:

Elevate your cat's playtime with the Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy, designed for endless fun and engagement:

Why Choose the Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy:

Features Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy Traditional Cat Toys
3 Working Modes Slow-Fast Mode, Slow Mode, Fast Mode for Varied Play Single Play Mode
Automatic Standby Enters Standby Mode After 10 Minutes, Resumes After 1.5 Hours N/A
USB Charging Rechargeable 400mAh Battery, 2-Hour Charging for Extended Play Requires Frequent Battery Replacement
Multi Angle Adjustment Unpredictable Laser Movements for Stimulating Play Fixed Toy Position
Multi-scene Use Versatile Design for Various Play Environments Location Dependent
Increased Interaction Manual Mode for Interactive Play with Your Cat N/A
Free Your Hands Allows Independent Play for Busy Pet Owners Requires Active Participation




  • 3 Working Modes: Our Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy provides three exciting modes for your cat's enjoyment. The Slow-Fast Mode keeps things dynamic, challenging your pet's agility. The Slow Mode offers a more relaxed playtime, ideal for kittens or older cats. The Fast Mode kicks up the excitement, engaging even the most energetic felines in endless fun.
  • Automatic Standby: Concerned about excessive playtime? Don't worry! This interactive toy comes with an automatic standby feature, ensuring your cat doesn't tire out. After ten minutes of play, the toy enters Standby Mode, giving your cat a much-needed break. An hour and a half later, the toy springs back to life, ready for another engaging session.
  • USB Charging: Say goodbye to batteries and hello to convenience! Our Cat Automatic Laser Teaser Toyis powered by a rechargeable 400mAh battery. Simply use the included Type-C cable to charge the toy for just two hours, and it's good to go for extended play sessions.
  • Multi Angle Adjustment: Keep your curious cat on its toes with the multi-angle laser movement. The laser moves in unpredictable patterns, stimulating your cat's instincts and encouraging interactive play. The ever-changing direction of the laser ensures your feline friend won't get bored easily.
  • Multi-scene Use: Versatility is the name of the game! This smart cat toy is designed to fit various settings. Lay it flat on a table for interactive floor play or attach it effortlessly to a smooth glass window or wall for elevated fun. Create different play environments for your cat's enjoyment.
  • Increased Interaction: Foster a deeper bond with your fur baby using the manual mode. Take control of the toy in your hands and guide the laser for interactive playtime. Watching your cat pounce and chase the elusive light will bring you joy and laughter, creating cherished memories.
  • Free Your Hands: Life gets busy, and we understand! With ourCat Automatic Laser Teaser Toy, you can rest assured that your cat will stay entertained even when you're not around. The automatic mode allows your furry friend to enjoy independent play, keeping boredom at bay.
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Brand Name: AIBODUO 

Toys Type: Laser Toys

Is Smart Device: no

Material: PC +ABS + Silica gel

Suitable for: cats

Pattern: Cat Laser Toy

Color: White

Material: PC +ABS + Silica gel

Function: 360°Rotation

Feature: 3 Speed Mode

Feature: Electric

Feature: USB Charging

Applicable Occasion: Indoor

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