Discover the Secret to Healthier Skin and Boosted Metabolism with the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator

by Home Smartway Staff Editor on Dec 30, 2023

Hydrogen Water Bottle


Looking to improve your health and beauty? Look no further than the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator - an innovative solution designed to revolutionize your health and beauty. This incredible 3-in-1 hydrogen water bottle uses advanced SPE PEM technology to produce molecular hydrogen-rich water that effectively removes toxic and harmful free radicals from cells in the body, Reasearch has shown that hydrogen water can improve energy, relieve inflammation and oxidative stress, and improve recovery time following exercise. Additionally it has shown to enhance your physique and metabolism, decelerate the aging progression, and elevate the texture of your skin.


Its superior quality materials and implanted quantum aerospace technology, ensures the generation of stable and high hydrogen concentration water. With its dual chamber design and state-of-the-art Titanium with Platinum Coating, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator produces the highest purity of molecular hydrogen ever, reaching an impressive 99.99%. Plus, it's 100% safe to drink, as the machine separates out oxygen, chlorine, and ozone


To top it off, you can enjoy the convenience of self-cleaning, multiple hydrogen generation modes, and the option for hydrogen inhalation or absorption. Whether you're at home, traveling, or working in the office, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator water bottle is the perfect companion for improving your overall well-being.








Why Consider The Althy Hydrogen Water Generator?

If you're looking to improve your overall health and beauty, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator bottle is worth considering. This innovative product produces molecular hydrogen-rich water that offers a wide range of benefits. Scientific research has shown that hydrogen-rich water effectively removes toxic free radicals from cells, preventing cell oxidation and diseases. It also improves human metabolism, delays senility, and enhances skin quality.


The ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator  also features Real SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte) + PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Dual Chamber technology, with a Korean Titanium and Platinum Coating. It utilizes the the USA Dupont NAFION - 117 Membrane, ensuring that only pure H2 is infused into the hydrogen water bottle and water itself, while gases like Oxygen (O2),Ozone (O3), and Chlorine (CL2) are separated out. With a purity of 99.99%, the hydrogen generated is completely split into hydrogen-ated water and safe to drink. 

Oxygen, chlorine, and ozone are discharged through the bottom of hydrogen water bottle into water and waste gas vent device.


If you're looking for a versatile hydration product, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator hydrogen water bottle also offers three different ways to use it. You can get hydration by directly drinking the bottle of hydrogenated water, connect it to a mineral water bottle, absorb/inhale hydrogen at home, or take it with you while traveling or working in the office. With its compact weight, and portable design, you can enjoy hydrogen-rich water wherever you go.

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Features and Benefits of the Althy Hydrogen Water Generator

1. Dual Chamber Technology

The ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator  utilizes advanced SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte) + PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Dual Chamber technology. Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen gas in an electrolysis process. This hydrogen gas infuses into the water creating antioxidant (energy-giving) water with maximum bioavailability.

While it dissolves hydrogen and infuses it into the water, it expels byproducts such as Ozone(O3), Oxygen (O2), and Chlorine (CL2). The infusion program achieve the desired Hydrogen concentration in your water within 3-10 minutes, depending on the set mode,(up to 1000ppb for 3 mins and up to 1500-1800ppb for 10 mins), resulting in the production process of molecular hydrogen-rich water with high efficacy.

2. Korean Titanium with Platinum Coating


Crafted with Korean Titanium and Platinum Coating, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator  hydrogen water bottle guarantees durability and long-term usage.

3. USA Dupont NAFION - 117 Membrane


The use of the USA Dupont NAFION - 117 Membrane water filter guarantees the separation of oxygen, chlorine, and ozone from the hydrogen-rich water, providing you with the benefits of your drinking water and the water taste with the highest level of purity and safety.

4. Three Ways to Use


Enjoy the convenience and power of the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator  hydrogen water bottle with its three different usage options. Whether you want this hydrogen water bottle to make hydrogen infused water, get energy, directly connect it to a mineral water filled bottle, absorb hydrogen at home, or take it on the go, this product offers versatility to fit your needs.

5. Benefits of Hydrogen Water 


Research has shown that consuming 1.5 liters of hydrogenated fluid can be equivalent to the antioxidant content found in 38 carrots, 37 pumps, 45 lettuce leaves, or 516 apples. Opting for hydrogen-enriched water proves to be a cost-effective approach to increase antioxidants in the body's cells. Hydrogen possesses an inherent characteristic that allows it to dissolve and traverse cell membranes, granting it easy access to various compartments within our body.


Extensive scientific studies have revealed that water enriched with hydrogen is successful in eliminating harmful free radicals from cells, thereby preventing cell oxidation and reducing the risk of diseases. Additionally, it has been observed to enhance human metabolism, slow down the aging process, and improve the overall quality of the skin


Furthermore, the intake of hydrogen-enriched water has demonstrated benefits in enhancing cell health and improving the absorption of minerals in the body. It has been associated with a reduction in blood glucose levels and weight, with potential positive effects on symptoms related to constipation. Users who incorporated hydrogen water into their routine reported improvements in memory and a decrease in cholesterol levels.

Product Quality

The ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator hydrogen water bottle is a high-quality product that ensures your safety and satisfaction. With the power of air, its advanced technology and premium materials, it provides you with hydrogen-rich water that meets the highest standards. It is designed with a focus on delivering pure, clean, and safe hydrogen- and energy giving water with maximum concentration of hydrogen water for your health and beauty needs.

What It's Used For

1.Create Health and Beauty


One primary use of the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator hydrogen water bottle is to generate hydrogen-rich water for our bodies for both health and beauty purposes. The hydrogen-rich water produced effectively removes toxic free radicals from our bodies and cells, preventing cellular oxidation, toxins and diseases. It also improves your body and metabolism, slows down the aging process, and enhances the quality of your skin.

2. Daily Hydration


In addition to its health and benefits of improved metabolism and energy from drinking hydrogen water, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator hydrogen water bottle serves as a convenient way to stay hydrated on a daily basis. With its portable bottle design, you can bring your water bottle with  you wherever you go, ensuring you have access to clean, pure and refreshing water at all times.

3. Athletic Performance and Recovery


Besides improving energy and thereby boosting perfromance, hydrogen water can also boost recovery time following exercise. Researchers found hyrogen water drank by athletes reduced muscle fatigue in the body and decreased the performance of chemicals in the body compared to other substances. There is still research in place. Hydrogen  is a natural substance that contains antioxidants and anti-oxidant compounds.  

4. Versatile Usage Options

The ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator provides you with various usage options. You can directly take the  hydrogen water bottle and connect it to  your filter or mineral water bottle for immediate hydrogen-rich drinking water and consumption. It can also be used at home for daily use or taken with you during travel or work, allowing you to prioritize your health, energy and well-being no matter where you are with its 1800mAh large capacity battery.

ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator Specifications

KAWA Baby Monitor 2K Recording and Playback

Who Needs This

This product is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and beauty. Whether you're looking to enhance your skin quality, boost your metabolism, lessen inflammation or prevent diseases, the ALTHY  Hydrogen Water Generator can be a valuable addition to your daily routine. It is also ideal for those who prioritize hydration and want a convenient way to access clean, safe and refreshing water throughout the day.

Pros & Cons Highlights


  • Produces hydrogen-rich water for health and beauty benefits
  • Advanced technology ensures high purity and safety
  • Versatile usage options for convenience and portability


  • Initial investment may be higher compared to traditional water bottles

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers have praised the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator for its effectiveness and convenience. They appreciate the high-quality build, ease of use, and the health benefits they experience from drinking hydrogen-rich water. Customers have noticed improvements in their skin quality, energy levels, weight loss and overall body well-being.

Very good quality bottle. If this is your first hydrogen bottle, take this one!

- Joyce M. -

Great product, I haven't done the pH measurement yet, but you can feel the difference in water yes, nothing bad taste. I recommend!!

- Corey C. -

Overall Value

With its advanced technology, power, versatility, and health benefits, the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator provides excellent value for those seeking to improve their health and beauty. The higher initial investment is justified by the long-term  benefits of drinking hydrogenated water and what it offers.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To maximize the benefits of the this hydrogen water bottle, follow these tips:

  • Use clean water for the best results.
  • Empty any residual water from the bottle after each use to maintain cleanliness.
  • Keep the waste gas vent device clean to ensure the proper separation of gases.

Overall Review of the ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator

-→ Product Summary

The ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator hydrogen water bottle is a game-changer in the health and beauty industry. By using oxygen gas producing hydrogen-rich water, it effectively removes toxic free radicals, resulting in less inflammation, less oxidative stress, improves metabolism, slows down the aging process, and enhances skin quality. With its advanced technologies and versatile usage options, this hydrogen infused water filter and water bottle also offers convenience and health benefits to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.



-→ Value for Money

The ALTHY Hydrogen Water Generator elevates your well-being affordably, allowing you to experience the unparalleled benefits of hydrogen-rich water without breaking the bank. It is a smart investment for health and beauty that will benefit you in the long-term. 


If you are looking to invest in your health and beauty, the ALTHY Molecular Hydrogen Water Generator is highly recommended. Its technological superiority, premium materials, and numerous health benefits make it a worthwhile addition to your daily routine. Enjoy the convenience of generating hydrogen-rich water wherever you go, and experience the positive impacts on your overall well-being.


T C Wells - Home Smartway Chief Editor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ALTHY Molecular Hydrogen Water Generator safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use. It separates oxygen, chlorine, and ozone, ensuring that only pure hydrogen is infused into the water. The generator is designed with safety features to discharge any separated gases.

Can I use this water bottle with any mineral water bottle?

Yes, you can directly connect it to most standard mineral water bottles, making it easy to enjoy hydrogen-rich water wherever you go.

How long does it take to generate hydrogen-rich water?

The time required to generate hydrogen-rich water depends on the bottle size and the initial water level. On average, it takes approximately 3-10 minutes to generate sufficient hydrogen.

Can you use tap water in hydrogen water bottle?

You have the flexibility to use standard tap or bottled water. Opting for inhalation? Prioritize cleanliness by cleaning the bottle and using demineralized water. This apparatus employs a technique that separately generates hydrogen and oxygen through water electrolysis, guaranteeing a heightened concentration of H2 dissolved in water.

Why is hydrogen water important?

Hydrogen water is beneficial due to its potent antioxidant properties. It effectively combats free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. These factors, if left unchecked, are associated with increased risks of cancer and various diseases, making hydrogen water an essential component for overall health and disease prevention. Additionally, it supports overall well-being by enhancing metabolism, promoting cellular health, and contributing to improved skin quality.

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